The Lee action depicted in Breaker Morant and Castle in the Sky.

Hussars from the 10th Prince of Wales’ Own Royal Hussars (1), and the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars (2 and 3), 1880s-90s.

By Richard Simkin.

Four generations of infantry weapons, 1815-1914. From the black powder musket to the smokeless powder magazine rifle.

Top to bottom: Napoleonic-era Brown Bess; ACW-era muzzle-loading rifle; FPW-era Chassepot; and 1900s-WWI-era SMLE.

From the 1985 BBC series Soldiers, A History of Men in Battle.

Foreign military officers observe the 1912 French military maneuvers. The German officer in the center is Detlof Sigismund von Winterfeldt, who served as a military attaché to the German embassy in Paris from 1909 to the start of World War I in August 1914.