During the Anglo-Egyptian War (1882), the British employed two armed trains in military operations. These trains were manned by Royal Navy sailors and jury-rigged with improvised armor for protection. This particular example is armed with a 40-pounder Armstrong gun in front and two 9-pounder rifled muzzleloaders (intended to be used off the train) on the fifth carriage, plus the troops onboard.


The Model 1880 Montenegrin Gasser Revolver,

The Model 1880 Montenegrin Gasser revolver was an improvement of the earlier Montenegrin Model 1870 Gasser revolver.  Made in Austria, the M1880 was said to have design elements suggested by King Nicholas of Montenegro himself.  Among the most important design change was a break open system for loading.  A star shaped extractor also automatically ejected spent cartridge casings when the cylinder was opened. This was markedly different from the older M1870 Gasser which used a loading port through which cartridges were loaded or unloaded one at a time. The M1880 still used the large 11.3x36Rmm cartridge which fired a 300 grain bullet, a powerful cartridge compared to most European revolvers of the day. 

Montenegro is a tiny country located in the Balkans that was often pushed around by its larger neighbors.  The Montenegrin King Nicholas I made a decree that every Montenegrin man own a Gasser Revolver citing, “Every male citizen of Montenegro is a member of the Militia, and therefore not only justified but also obliged to possess at least one Gasser Pattern revolver.”   Its also interesting that King Nicolas was a stockholder in the Leopold Gasser Company.