Anonymous asked:
What is the difference between dragoons and hussars?

I’ll answer for the late 19th century and outside of Britain: the general trend was that the practical differences between cavalry in the field were diminished, meaning that the differences were in uniforms and regimental tradition/ritual/social status.

As an example, the British “The Armed Strength of…” intel document on the German Empire offers a snapshot that great power’s cavalry in the late 1880s. The link describes the different types of uniforms worn by dragoons and hussars, but you’ll see that the cavalry types were armed with very similar weapons:

Hope that helps!

American artillerists pose with their Model 1902 3-inch quick-firing field gun, showing the Ehrhardt-type screw breech and the unitary ammunition in great detail.

Illustrations of Japanese ships of the Russo-Japanese War that were built by the British companies Armstrong Whitworth (Elswick), Vickers (Barrow), Thames Iron Works, and John Brown & Company (Clydebank).

Drawn by Norman Wilkinson and H. C. Seppings Wright for the Illustrated London News.

Various postcard illustrations of British dreadnoughts and pre-dreadnoughts.